55 Central Park West Lobby

New York, NY

The restoration of this 1929 Upper West Side lobby united preservation, restoration, and interior design in the revitalization of this Art Deco masterpiece, a contributor to the Upper West Side/Central Park West Historic District. Aesthetic and functional upgrades were seamlessly integrated to celebrate the architectural character while providing enhanced modern functionality. Aesthetic interventions included the re-incorporation of historic elements, such as the original tulip wall grilles and a single salvaged marble pilaster, and the installation of interpreted elements based on historical documentation, such as custom lighting fixtures and terrazzo floor patterns. The pattern and articulation of the marble pilasters and tiered decorative plaster critically guided the re-design of the primary circulation space and inspired the continuation of a “tiered skyscraper” motif throughout other detail elements within the design. Through unearthing historic photos from the Library of Congress, carefully conducting conservation materials testing, quarry-sourcing original marbles, and meticulous probing of the space, the original character of this residential lobby was restored 90 years after its original construction. The project received the Stanford G. White Award for Preservation from the Institute of Classical Architecture.