Easton Architects, LLP is a woman-owned architectural firm (WBE) specializing in historic preservation, adaptive reuse, and new design. The primary goal of Easton Architects, LLP is to provide successful solutions to clients through a multi-dimensional approach combining architectural services, preservation, and construction administration. Our design philosophy is simple: we believe design must maintain a refined sense of simplicity, a directness of expression, and an honesty of materials. Our design sensibilities are influenced by our understanding of history. Through insight acquired from our interpretations of the past, we can define context. The Context for each project is unique and is what encourages the dialogue for creative ideas which ultimately leads to successful design solutions. These solutions are accomplished through the synthesis of three objectives:
Visionary Design, Responsible Restoration, and Expert Methodology.

Visionary Design

Architecture is the medium by which we experience the progression of time through the texture of form and space. Architecture explains history; of a building, a site, a culture, and encourages the evolution of forms and materials in response to their social and physical contexts over time.

Responsible Restoration

An integral component of our solutions is an appropriate, responsible, and well-documented approach to restoration combined with sustainable design. By undertaking extensive historic research, design solutions are achievable through an appropriate application of preservation technology and forensic analysis.

Expert Methodology

A well experienced design team under the direction of the partners is formed at the inception of each project. All members are involved with research of building systems, techniques and materials design, code analysis, regulatory requirements, specifications, construction procedures and contract review to ensure the design intent is realized.