Swedish Ambassador’s Residence 3900 Nebraska Avenue

Washington, D.C.

The National Property Board of Sweden (NPBS) owns the property located at 3900 Nebraska Avenue which was used, until recently, as the residence of the Ambassador from Sweden and their family. Existing on the site is a stately, single family residence designed by architect Arthur B. Heaton in 1925 for David Lawrence, a prominent newspaperman and founder of the U.S. News and World Report.  The expansive landscaped grounds contain various old growth trees, plantings and tennis courts where notable diplomats and past presidents have played.  The site possesses architectural integrity and social significance.  The NPBS wishes to undertake a real estate assessment and valuation to understand the opportunities available for sale of the property in its current form, or with varying degrees of sub-division to obtain the optimal use of the property for a future owner.  

Easton Architects was retained by the National Property Board Sweden to perform the assessment and valuation to determine the relevance and impact of historic preservation on the potential development opportunities for the property, evaluate the complexities and pressures of development on this site and compare the results of four different development scenarios to understand the best possible outcome for the sale of the property.

The team assembled by Easton Architects consists of a Civil Engineering consultant, Real Estate Appraiser, land use attorney, and title search services. The analysis is centered on presenting four scenarios for the NPBS to consider that will maximize the valuation of the property, but ensure certain aspects of the property are preserved, and oversight of future development is consistent with the neighborhood and surrounding properties.